A photo and or video camera are a must in order to capture the wonders of Buzios but there are also services available on the tours in the event that you wish not to travel with these items.

If you wish to rent a car in buzios a valid drivers license and credit card will be necessary.

During the winter months (may, June, July and august) sweaters are recommended for the cool nights. Temperatures reach 15 degrees at night and 30 degrees during the day. Tip: these items can be purchased at the many designer stores in the area.

Items like hair blowers need to be 110 volts or you must bring a transformer.

For those who wish to fish and enjoy the tranquility that accompanies this activity, should bring there own equipment or purchase in town center at one of the tackle stores.

No need for umbrellas since Buzios enjoys year round  sunshine . The traditional rainy months are august and September but with the recent changes in the world weather patterns has changed this.

Fine cigars and good tobacco can be found in Buzios.


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